Terroir of Dong Nai

map_dongnaiAn area mainly characterised by plain, wave-shaped hills and low, relatively flat mountains. Blessed with bazan and alluvial soil, this area is an excellent place to grow industrial plants (cacao, coffee, cashew…).  We created an exceptional chocolate bar with an appealing taste and bright flavor from these Dong Nai beans. The subtle hints of citrus fruits and spices will make your mouth water… Once you enjoyed the taste of this single terroir chocolate, you will never forget it !

Product Description

Single origin dark chocolate – terroir of Dong Nai – is made exclusively with beans from the province of Dong Nai, Vietnam.

Terroir of Ben Tre

map_ben_treBen Tre is wedged between the two main branches of the Tien Giang River in  the Mekong River Delta. This province is predominantly flat and has complex river systems, a lot of fresh water and an alluvial soil. Cacao trees in Ben Tre have been planted together with coconut trees so the succulent taste of cacao beans may be affected by coconut. Tastewise, this chocolate bar brings the fresh acidic flavour of berries mixed with kiwi. Shortly after, you will enjoy its smooth texture as well as the velvety sweetness during your taste parade. You will remember the special character of this chocolate for a long time ! 

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Product Description

Single origin dark chocolate made from the trintario beans from the province of Ben Tre, Vietnam.

Terroir of Tien Giang

map_tiengiangThe province of Tien Giang is located in the Mekong River Delta. Growing in alluvial soil and influenced by the tropical monsoon climate, these cacao beans result in inviting and flavourful chocolate. Its flavour profile starts with a refreshing and mild acidity. The balanced combination of fruity, creamy and rich taste makes a full-bodied chocolate that will tickle your senses and bring a pleasant feeling.

Product Description

This delicious chocolate bar is made exclusively with beans from the province of Tiean Giang, Vietnam.

Terroir of Lam Dong

map_lamdongLam Dong is a highland region, a mountainous province with a temperate, mild climate all year round. This stable climate rarely changes from year to year. Lam Dong has other weather phenomena of notice such as fog, salt flog, rain, thunderstorms and hail but these are not periodic. The result of growing in this area and being influenced by the weather make that cacao beans in Lam Dong result in a special type of chocolate. The taste starts with a hint of red berries and an intense chocolate flavour. Rich and very enjoyable, the flavour is dark and robust without tasting like being burnt.

Product Description

This delicious chocolate bar is made exclusively with beans from the province of Lam Dong, Vietnam.